"If you can’t make your regular pie great, you’re not gonna make your topping pie great. You know, it’s just the way it is. Your base is your base. If you're going to California they have more toppings on their pies. I mean, we're typically the New York style pizza. You know, it's not super thin crust, it's a little thicker crust. you know, it's good quality cheese, sauce on the bottom, with no garnishes, nothin' on top of it. When you start going elsewhere everybody's puttin' a thousand and one things on top of their pies. You know, Chicago thick crust pie, stuffed with 99 ingredients, 45-minutes to cook. Is it really that great? It's good, ya know, it's good ... But it's not going to satisfy you. New York at least you can have your slice and run to work. We're a fast moving community so pizza's great for the fast person. I get two slices, I can eat it in the car, driving you know. It's not like you're eating McDonalds or Burger King where you're going to feel sick afterwards. It's healthy fast food, if you really want to sit there. The carbs - you need carbs - the carbs give you energy. Your sauce got all your vegetables in it. And then the cheese, you know, you just have to watch on the cheese with the cholesterol. But at the same time, some people cheese is protein."

Giorgio and filippo | Makers | Brother’s Pizzeria | Elm PARK