A Good Dough

"I say not too many people can make this crust. Cuz they learn how to make a pizza, they go into the business and you know ... if you want to make a good dough, you gotta know what you're doing. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I know because I learned myself. When I made a breadstore - I opened it up, there was supposed to be somebody who made [the bread] but he never showed up. So everyday was improvise. You learn to cook, this and that, and by then, it come out good. And then when they guys come back they say, 'How'd you do this? You learned to make bread better than me in two weeks!' Yeah because if I don't work ... I had to learn myself. I did it. I had no choice. Maybe if I have people that worked I never learned. Who knows. So I experiment everyday, you know? So if I don't like something the way it come, I change a little bit."

Carmine | Maker | Carmine's Original Pizza | Greenpoint