Real Loud

"Basically back then, it was all Italian—there was no Russian, there was nobody. All Italians. That’s all that was here. We used to ride up and down with our cars—with our speakers real loud. You know and a lotta people like uh, you know they were making like, you know, it was different. Everybody stood out. The girls used to know everybody All the guys used to know us. Back then it was a little different though, because everybody stuck together. You know what I mean? Now it’s a little... different. But when we were kids, we used to hang out, sit on our cars, sit outside. Lenny—he remembers the whole thing. It was nice. It was homey, it was friendly, it was safe. Nobody was no wise guys, no tough guys—you know what I mean? We all knew everybody from far away. Our communication was yelling across the street."

Vinny | Eater | Lenny’s PIZZA | Bensonhurst